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Women’s health assessment


Have a read of this article published in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The test all new mums should get before returning to exercise!!” 

Pushing yourself too hard post baby increases the risk of
* Urinary incontinence (30% of new mums)
* Painful intercourse (up to 60% of women)
* Hernias
* Abdominal separation/diastasis recti (up to 60%) 
* Pelvic organ prolapse

That is why a postnatal check with a Physiotherapist experienced and trained in Women’s health is vital. 

The Physiotherapist can check the pelvic floor muscles for their ability to activate and relax as well as for tears that may not necessarily be painful. They can also check the supportive tissues of the bladder, uterus and bowel for signs of prolapse. 

Our Physiotherapist, Laura, has specific training in Women’s health, including pre and post natal care. She is available for appointments on Tuesday and Saturday mornings from March 2.

Call 89418555 to book.

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