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We are now in Driver!

We are now in Driver!
Three NEW business have teamed up at one new location. Shop 7 Driver shops.
Dancing in the Rain FLS – Lance Box, is a registered teacher in the Northern Territory (1300) and holds a Working with Children Card (4160). He has been helping children and adults with their basic literacy and numeracy skills for over 30 years, and holds multiple education qualifications, including advanced certificates in Intensive Synthetic Phonics literacy instruction.
The Oily Moo – Jodi Brown, doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Empowering people, young and old, to take charge of their own health and wellbeing …one oil at a time. Specialising in Empowering Kids with her Essential Oil Science for Kids, workshops. Coming soon – Kids Birthday Parties.
Spending Panner Services – Lance Box, Is a certified Spending Planner. His passion is to help others achieve a sense of financial control. It is not hard to plan your spending, pay down your debts and accomplish your dreams. All you need is some education, some tools, and a coach alongside you as you make the decisions needed to put into place the Plan that is best for you.
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