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My name is Louise and I’m a Nutritionist in Palmerston that focuses on helping individuals create healthy habits to lose those extra kilos in a way that is sustainable long term.

I am running a 6 Week Group Coaching Program (starts: Monday, 21 October 2019) which focuses on helping you create healthy habits and lose those extra kilos in a way that is sustainable without dieting.

If you’re fed up with the diet culture, frustrated with not being able to shift those extra kilos or stuck in a rut this program may be for you.

What you’ll learn from this program:

✅ how to lose those extra kilos & keep them off for the long term in a way that is easy and sustainable.

✅ how to create an empowered mindset.

✅ the fundamentals of nutrition to help you know exactly what to eat and when.

✅ how to confidently create healthier habits.

✅ Learn how to quickly and easily plan and organise your meals so you don’t have to think about!

…and much more!

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