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Non-Surgical Varicose Vein Treatments

The Darwin Vein Clinic is the coming together of a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals with a common interest in the diagnosis and management of venous diseases.  In one form or another we have been treating varicose veins in Darwin for almost 25 years.  We are currently located within the Darwin CBD in air conditioned premises and have ample patient parking. We use state of the art, high-end ultrasound technology and employ the latest minimally invasive treatment techniques to provide Darwin with a world class approach to the management of venous disease.
A portion of all fees for outpatient procedures are covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule and, where appropriate, also fall under the Extended Medicare Safety Net Scheme. 
All types of varicose veins can now be treated without surgery which has been superseded by minimally invasive procedures.  Our unique combination of clinical practitioners allows to treat a wide range of venous problems ranging from the simplest superficial or “spider veins” through to large varicose veins using injections (sclerotherapy) and/or laser (Endovenous Laser Ablation) to the most complex venous abnormalities that require radiological or surgical intervention.
The vast majority of our treatments are performed in-house, require no or only local anaesthetic and are “walk-in, walk-out” allowing patients to return to work almost immediately.  All treatments are performed by doctors and all ultrasounds are performed by a highly trained vascular sonographer.