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Continuity of Care Program (Student Midwives)

*Continuity of Care Program – Charles Darwin University Student*

Are you expecting a baby?
Are you interested in sharing your journey through pregnancy, birth and early parenting with a student midwife?
My name is Samara Tuckey and I am a second year midwifery student, I am seeking women who are interested in participating in the continuity of care program.
As a student midwife I would be under the supervision of registered midwives and doctors through the whole experience.
What midwifery students do
Attend antenatal and postnatal appointments
Be present at the birth
Work alongside your primary registered midwife
Provide support for you!
Benefits for having a student midwife go both ways
Get to know the student midwife
The midwifery student will be able to offer support
Give an invaluable experience for the midwifery student
This experience will help the midwifery student to understand more about midwifery and how they can better work with women
There is no cost, and I am fully insured through CDU
What if I change my mind? There are no obligations and I respect your right to change your mind at any time.
If you are interested in this opportunity or have any further questions, please contact me on
Ph: 0404 530 280